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How Counselling Can Help You

Elainer Kerstin Person Centred Counsellor - Counselling Services Northamptonshire

Elainer Kerstin
Person Centred Counsellor

Counselling enables you to express, offload and manage your feelings and thoughts in a safe, supportive and confidential environment. This allows you to gain a better understanding of thought processes and emotions. Our anxiety, fears and experiences can become overwhelming at times, counselling helps you to explore your issues to work towards beneficial change and develop more positive coping strategies.

Our Initial Appointment

Our first session will be an assessment that is free of charge with no obligation. I believe it is important for us to meet and discuss what you would like and need from counselling. It also allows you the opportunity to see if you will feel comfortable working with me.

How we will work together

I will offer you the chance to be heard and feel understood; you may be suffering from anxiety or depression or have unresolved issues you would like to explore? Maybe work place stress is having a negative effect on your health or you are having relationship problems? Perhaps you are grieving due to bereavement or suffering a different kind of loss? You may be experiencing health issues or chronic pain. Sometimes we just do not understand the reasons why we are feeling the way we do, awareness and understanding may come from exploring the past and the present.

My belief that emotions can affect our physical health is supported by evidence and research. This may contribute to anxiety, panic attacks and even pain. I listen and try to look at the whole picture and perhaps suggest coping strategies. I have a special interest in anxiety, stress and trauma.